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General Contractors

Ultimately, you may be responsible for prevailing wage issues of your sub-contractors.  Their red flags can cause costly delays. We can help reduce your liability by ensuring that your sub-contractors are in compliance.



Simple mistakes can be the difference of profit and bankruptcy.  Navigating all of the Public Work requirements can be overwhelming. We can help you maintain compliance, so that you can concentrate on what you do best.

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       Public Bodies

Problems with contractors can impede the progress of your project. We can help eliminate prevailing wage issues by ensuring they are in compliance.  Have your contractors contact us before they go onto your project.

Construction Manager

Project Managers

You are on a time schedule and delays can be costly. One misguided contractor can cause NJDOL involvement that we can help prevent.  Have your contractors consult with us before your project gets needlessly delayed.



When one of your client encounters a issue with

prevailing wage, let us help ensure that the issue does not snowball.  Have your client contact us, so that you can continue providing them your expert accounting services.



We do not give legal advice, but we can help in situations when your client needs more then advice. We can provide you with an  informed opinion or strategy to help give you an inside edge to better help your client.

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