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We are comprised of former New Jersey Department of Labor employees with over 25 years of specialized experience.  This experience includes investigating complaints; auditing contractor payroll records for prevailing wage, misclassification, general wage and hour, and child labor compliance.

If you have ever been involved with New Jersey Public Work construction, you know that there is money to be made.  You should also be aware that simple mistakes can be extremely costly.   Penalties for non-compliance with the New Jersey Prevailing Act, along with other related statutes, have increased dramatically.  Consequently, the cost of non-compliance can cripple a company more than ever.   

Finally, however, there is someone on your side with first-hand working knowledge with New Jersey Wage and Hour Compliance.  We will save your company substantial money by eliminating audit red flags and making sure your payroll records are in 100% compliance.  We can also help you survive a current NJDOL audit or situation.



Our vision is to help contractors do what they do best... build and fix stuff.  Maintaining compliance with the ever changing world of New Jersey Prevailing Wage can be very time consuming and costly, especially if errors are made.  We would like to be that bridge between contractors and the New Jersey Department of Labor.

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